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Portland stone flooring and paving

Stylish finish for any project

With a smooth and honed finish our Portland stone flooring gives a clean, sharp look for any space. Working commercial projects or just for the home, our natural stone compliments any room.

For public spaces, patios or private residences, our Portland stone paving has a wide range selection to decide from.

All our flooring and paving comes in a range of sizes, from cut to size to random lengths by set widths.

Portland stone flooring
Portland limestone flooring

Internal flooring

Portland stone flooring stands out in any room, bringing the charm of a natural stone with its unique characteristics.

Flooring can be cut to a minimum thickness of 20mm although this can restrict the stone to smaller size formats. For larger stones we advise a minimum of 30mm to ensure more strength during transit and fitting.

Portland limestone tile line

External paving

Portland stone has excellent slip resistance for external paving. We often advise a minimum thickness of 50mm, although with a suitable sub-base this can be reduced for pedestrian traffic.

Whitbed is more prominently used for Portland stone paving as they are typically tightly grained with high durability. Care should be taken when fitting the stone to ensure proper falls to remove water.

Portland stone calibrated paving

Calibrated tile line

The tile line calibrates each piece of stone after it has been sawn to size. Any Portland stone flooring or paving will go through this process to ensure uniformity and precision.

Our polishing line can apply a 60 to 220 grit finish which removes any lash marks from the saws, although we recommend 60 grit as standard.

Floor patterns

Portland limestone is very versatile and can be laid to various patterns, the most economic use would be to have two standard widths and running lengths. Wastage is reduced by these means and utilises the maximum amount of stone, producing visually a varied jointing pattern.

Portland stone has excellent slip resistance and durability, encouraging the material for paving. Shellier whitbeds are often more desired as they provide a natural appearance and balanced texture. A wide variety of locations use Portland stone flooring, from domestic houses to public buildings and even offices.

Portland stone flooring finishes

A standard finish on the Portland stone paving would be from a coarse grit rubbing wheel or left from a diamond wire saw.

Thicknesses will vary for Portland stone flooring according to location, from internal flooring with underfloor heating at 30mm thickness through to 150mm in extreme loaded locations.