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Crushed limestone

Aggregate from our quarries

We supply crushed limestone from our quarries to the construction industry, small builders or private individuals.

Our extensive crush and run facilities, operated within the quarries allows for all type of crush stone – from Rock armour to Type 1. Large supplies are stock piles on the ground and the crushed limestone is readily available.

Stocks of various sizes can be inspected, including large blocks for sea defence of non building quality stone. Aggregates allows us to recycle the non usable stone that is not fit for building use and reduce our environmental impact.

Portland limestone blocks extracted
Portland limestone crushing

Type of crushed limestone

Below are some of the aggregates available.

  • Type 1
  • 50mm clean
  • 50mm crush and run
  • 75mm clean
  • 75mm crush and run
  • 100mm clean
Crushed Portland limestone block stocks

Rock armour

Sea defence work has increased over the years and our Portland block that is not suitable for building can be provided to help areas affected.

With a range of sizes this is sold by the tonne.

Portland limestone aggregate stock pile

Stored stone

Loading shovels transport the non building stone from our working quarry face and stockpile it for later processing.

Beneath the quarry floor is a cherty series typically extracted for aggregates.