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Limestone blocks

From our quarries and mine

We also sell our quarried and mined Portland stone outside of our factory. All dimension blocks have a face cut off for viewing to ensure that the client can select a similar range or see its key characteristics.

Old stock of varying bed types are available, as a result we are continually facing this off to bring it to the market.

Loading shovels manoeuvre the dimension stone for shaping and can load vehicles for customers. Our blocks typically weigh anywhere up to 40 tonnes.

Portland limestone blocks extracted
Portland stone dimension block sawn

Fantini JCB saws

We operate two Fantini JCB tractor-mounted chain saw machines for facing off limestone blocks. They are highly mobile, versatile and can work in all weather conditions.

With 3m blades they are capable of squaring dimension stone rapidly and even cutting into the face of the quarry.

By working in the extraction area, the waste stone can be used to back fill the quarry. There is also no need for water and benefit from a low noise output.

Portland stone wire saws cutting block

Wire saws

Wire saws dry cut the face off the limestone blocks. They are less mobile and need to be moved into the designated quarry with block brought to it for working.

Washing off the freshly cut face bring out the characteristics of the Portland stone, giving the client a quick appraisal of the limestone block.

After initial inspection if any further cutting is required, the dimension stone can be moved and cut once more to leave only saleable block.

Splitting Portland stone block by drill rig


Drilling rigs are a mobile method of separating the quarried stone. Where natural breaks occur these can be split down to form individual limestone blocks.

When odd shapes are extracted from the quarry face, the drill rigs are a quick means of drilling the stone to ensure maximum yield.

Limestone blocks supplied to masonry companies and carvers

We also take block into our own factory for sale direct to stone fixing companies.


Different blocks suit different applications, besides the aesthetics, the following factors should be considered – for more exposed areas where a very durable stone is required, more shell is usually suitable. In contrast for internal work or where the stone needs to be finely carved and cleaner, a more shell free stone is often selected.

Other factors that are available bed heights and stone lengths which will often make one Portland quarry more suitable than another. Typically bed heights should not exceed 600mm in height and around 500mm bed heights is often the most economical design, lengths should not exceed 1,000mm and 900mm is an ideal length, although where possible if random lengths with set heights can be specified this can normally result in savings in excess of 10%.


We often have promotions if we build too large a stock in a particular quarry and very competitive discounts can be given which can have a huge impact on reducing the overall cost of the project.

Our large fleet of modern heavy plant, including loading shovels, dumpers and excavators enable us to quarry efficiently keeping waste and cost to a minimum.


We welcome visits from Architects and contractors to see the large range available in our quarries as well as the availability of the stone.