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Portland stone samples

We can send you Portland stone samples from our bed range to help you choose your perfect stone.

Recently sawn samples

All of our Portland stone samples are freshly sawn to give the best representation of our range. They may still retain water from this process and if so will need to dry out in a warm room.

You can tell if they contain water by seeing a darker or patchy appearance, this is perfectly normal as they are drying at differing rates due to varying densities.

Small samples

Small samples are 15cm by 15cm. These are useful for checking the colour and tone of our stone with your project whilst showing a snap shot of the range.

We advise getting in contact with our team to discuss your project and the most suitable stone choices.

Large samples

Larger samples are 30cm by 30cm and are reserved for major projects however, they can be made available on request.

More of the bed height and length is shown in addition to a greater encompassing of the range.

Factory range panels

Our range panels can be viewed at our factory. Each panel shows the typical natural geological characteristics present in the different stones, but cannot show the range of every individual geological feature.

The features that are shown on all of our panels should not become a reason for rejection unless their concentration becomes excessive and the typical character of the stone is lost.

Mock up panels for site

Mock up panels or production of stones to be used on site can be cut to order. Using this method has many benefits, from seeing how our natural stone will sit in the surround space, provide a point of discussion for all parties involved and not least show a greater visual representation of our stone when fixed.

Just get in contact with our estimating team with your details for lead times and costs.


Please note that limestone is a natural material and is subject to variations in colour, pattern and texture. It is therefore essential that you visit our quarries to select the range required.

Only full bed height samples, each numbered and acknowledged by all parties involved could be considered contractual.