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Portland limestone perryfield mid tier whitbed

Portland limestone Perryfield mid tier whitbed

Perryfield mid tier whitbed is a tightly grained Portland stone with medium shell content, more often used as a match for Coombefield whitbed in both internal or external applications.

In being a whitbed, the stone is suitable for a wide variety of general building uses; whether it be for flooring, cantilevered staircases or copings. Carvers are able to work the stone with ease and Clients favour the easily recognisable Portland stone aesthetic which matches various projects over the years.

We have extensive stocks of the Perryfield mid-tier whitbed stone with blocks typically from 1 tonne upwards to 12 tonnes.

Sizes Available: – Maximum Typical Range

Bed Height: 500mm to 600mm

Length: 600mm to 1,600mm

Technical data

From 0.40 m³ to 2.8 m³
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Perryfield mid tier whitbed CE test report

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Portland oolitic limestone principally formed from micritic ooids in a sparse micritic matrix, the stone contains many shell fragments in the size range 1mm to 5mm. Some compaction of the ooids is present but the matrix exhibits moderate intergranular porosity with interlinking of pores. No clay or other minerals are apparent.
Please see test data for values.
Perryfield mid-tier whitbed is known to be a durable building stone and has been used extensively within the United Kingdom. It exhibits a low saturation coefficient, good strength and resistance to salt.

Historic use indicates that it is capable of service life well in excess of 60 years providing that exposure conditions are not subject to severe frosts or high concentrations of sulphur dioxide, and that good stone detailing methods are employed to give best protection from surface water ingress.

It is estimated that the likely weathering rate of this stone would lie between 1mm to 3mm per 100 years in normal exposure conditions.

Perryfield mid tier whitbed is suitable for flooring.
Overall, should be suitable for use in most aspects of construction including flooring, paving, load bearing masonry and cladding including areas where a long service life is needed or where high salt concentrations are expected.


Please note that limestone is a natural material and is subject to variations in colour, pattern and texture. It is therefore essential that you visit our quarries to select the range required. Only full bed height samples, each numbered and acknowledged by all parties involved, could be considered contractual.