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Portland limestone coombefield XE

Portland limestone Coombefield XE

Coombefield XE is a whitbed, similar to Coombefield whitbed, but has a slightly more open texture and the occasional white fleck.

It is suitable for all most applications as a general building stone, including exposed areas such as copings.

As a stone XE is slightly more durable than Coombefield whitbed and is normally used where the customer wants to see a little more character.

We have sufficient extracted stock of this Portland stone for most projects.

Technical data

From 0.40 m³ to 2.5 m³
Please contact us requesting relevant CE testing information.
Historic test data is available on request.
Please contact us requesting relevant specification clauses


Please note that limestone is a natural material and is subject to variations in colour, pattern and texture. It is therefore essential that you visit our quarries to select the range required. Only full bed height samples, each numbered and acknowledged by all parties involved, could be considered contractual.