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Portland Stone Firms tours

Visiting our quarries, mine and factory

For large, complex projects we advise visiting our site to discuss your needs. This allows you to appreciate the geological characteristics present in the different stone beds across our estate.

By seeing sample stone ranges, you can better select exactly what you require and ask questions regarding suitability.

Over the years we’ve proudly hosted hundreds of visits from architects, contractors, and engineers.

How long does a tour take

Most tours take up to 3 hours. They involve visits to our quarries, mine and factory. During the tour we give advice on how best to control costs and quality within the project.

Below is an example of our standard tour:

  • discuss project requirements and timeframes
  • discuss stone selection and view ranges
  • visit the quarries, mine and factory to view stone stocks, their variations, and our quality control systems
  • answer any outstanding questions

Please contact us to arrange a tour tailored to your needs.

Clothing and PPE

We advise wearing comfortable clothing if possible that you do not mind getting dusty.

Protective equipment (PPE), including boots, high visibility jackets and hard hats. Refreshments will be provided for all tours.

Portland Stone Firms tours of factory and quarries