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Limestone quarry

Our Portland limestone quarries hold the remaining stone reserves.

Portland Stone Firms own 5 limestone quarries on the Isle of Portland, with a comprehensive range of iconic stone beds available for your projects.

With over 150 years of reserves we can guarantee the future supply of our award winning stone. For more information on bed types being actively quarried, see our stone range.

We have donated significant land areas for nature reserves and are currently working towards creating a green corridor across the Island.

Below you can view our quarries in more detail.

Portland Stone Firms Portland limestone quarry


Broadcroft quarry lies on the eastern side of Portland, directly to the east of the town Easton and to the west of East Weares.

It is one of the largest active quarries on Portland with net reserves of 20 years for whitbed, basebed and roach.

Broadcroft has been worked for many centuries, initial quarrying for St Paul’s Cathedral formed the site. It is the only area on the Island where the full strati-graphical column can be viewed.


Perryfield is an inland Portland limestone quarry, situated to the north of Coombefield quarry across Weston Street.

This large stone quarry is our main production site with net reserves of 48 years. The stone quality is excellent and the bed heights will fulfill most of your requirements.

It is being worked in a westerly direction and will operate until then end of our 2042 permission date.


Coombefield is a large limestone quarry situated to the north and east of Southwell Village.  It has been worked over many years, with 2 voids currently in existence – known as Coombefield north and Coombefield south.

Coombefield south has a reserve which will soon be mined and provide over 15 years of whitbed and basebed seams. Coombefield north has ceased quarrying, but still has extracted stock remaining.

This quarry was considered for decades the best stone of the Isle of Portland, and specified by most Architects.


The Southwell quarry is situated along the south eastern coast of Portland. This limestone quarry extends along the east of Portland Bill road, from Southwell all the way to the Portland Bill Observatory.

Southwell quarry has reserves of over 1,264,000m³ and will be worked in the future. This equates to over 63 years of quarrying or mining.

The site will be worked in a north to south direction in small phases, allowing for restoration to minimize the impact to this sensitive area.


Grangecroft is a limestone quarry situated on the western coast of Portland.

The quarry is reserved for future production. Is has net reserves of over 9 years of whitbed and basebed, that has never been brought to the market.