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Portland stone supplier

Portland Stone Firms has the ability to supply all stone working to meet your project needs regardless of the size of your project.


We provide detailed estimate breakdowns for small and large projects, manufacture our mined and quarried limestone, and further finish these stones with highly skilled masons.

This ensures that quality is controlled by us, and reduces the need for any outsourcing by the client.

We can recommend companies to provide further services such as fixing, sealing, and maintenance.

Portland limestone supplier and source
Portland stone estimating service


Estimates from small to large, or complex to simple. Our quotations and advice are available for any size project.

Portland limestone primary wire saw cutting


The largest facilities for manufacturing Portland stone. From the simplest of designs to the more detailed bespoke items. We have the ability to produce a wide range of finished products for your project needs.

Portland stone masonry


A large modern banker shop is home to multi-award winning stonemasons. Working at commercial speeds and to high detail, we deliver carved stone for complex projects.

Portland stone quarrying


We operate 5 quarries and control the remaining open cast reserves on the Isle of Portland, which provide our iconic limestone.

Portland stone mining


Our mining team extract a variety of seams using the most environmentally sensitive methods.